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“Made in New Mexico” Documentary Film


MADE IN NEW MEXICO is a documentary about the New Mexico Film Industry, and is produced by David Jean Schweitzer and Brent Morris, in association with High Desert Digital.

The film presents an inside look at the film and media-making industry in New Mexico – from its history to its future – and how progressive tax incentives fueled a boom in production, stirring up political controversy over the industry’s true value to the state in difficult financial times. The film features interviews with the key players in New Mexico’s film industry.

Included is a great historical interview with Jason Hool, president of Santa Fe Studios. In the background of his interview you can see the construction of Santa Fe Studios actually taking place!

The film premieres at the CCA in Santa Fe, NM on Wednesday 1 February 2012 at 4 pm. The screening is open to the public.

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