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Open Casting Call for “The Lone Ranger” December 11th


Lone Ranger

Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Walt Disney Pictures are getting ready to film the mega-blockbuster “The Lone Ranger” in New Mexico. A local casting agent will be holding an open casting call on December 11th. For full details visit the following website:

Gore Verbinski is directing the movie, which will be shot primarily in New Mexico, as well as in neighboring Colorado and Utah. Verbinski is best known for directing Johnny Depp in the first three Disney “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, which rank in the top-ten global blockbusters list of all-time. Depp will be playing Tonto, the native American-Indian side-kick to the Lone Ranger, who will be played by Armie Hammer. Hammer made his break-out appearance in 2010’s “The Social Network”, in which he played both of the Winklevoss twins.

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